Saturday, 27 December 2014

Thailand & Thai Girls Paradise On Earth For The Single Man


Thailand is a great country for the single man to travel to. There are so many awesome plus points to this wonderful nation. If you are single and looking for female companionship then you really should be thinking about making a trip to Thailand.

Thai Girls

When you arrive in Thailand you will be surprised at how many beautiful girls you will see all around you. This is the first impression many men have when they arrive in this country. Now when you see all the beautiful slim ladies walking around you – think back to your home country! There is absolutely no comparison I promise you.

So what is it about Thai women that western single men find so attractive? Well I could literally write a big list – but that would take a long time to compile – so I will just list the most famous aspects Thai women are known for below.

1) Thai ladies are very polite.

2) Thai women are very loyal to their men.

3) Thai women are very beautiful in comparison to western women.

4) Thai women are very feminine something that ladies in the western world have discarded.

5) Thai women on the whole look after their men very well.

Thai Bar Girls

When you first arrive in Thailand you will meet a lot of Thai bar girls – especially if you stay in Bangkok or Pattaya. I will briefly explain about the Thai bar girl so you can understand them. A Thai bar girl is a women who works in a bar and sells her body for money. They are very good at convincing lone western men that they are in love with them. Remember this – Thai bar girls are for fun and that is all. Do not fall in love with one as she will take your money.

Getting Real Thai Girlfriend

A real Thai girlfriend is a woman who is not a bar girl or a prostitute. She usually has a normal job and meeting a real Thai girl may take some time – but it is well worth the effort. However, if you just want some fun with a Thai girl then you are best meeting a Thai bar girl in the bars of the Nana plaza in Bangkok.

Tips For Meeting And Romancing The Thai Girls           

The best way to get together with a Thai girl is to know some very specialised Thai language. Once you know some romantic Thai love sex & romance phrases and words you have a big advantage in the lovers game in Thailand! Here are just a few big advantages you will have...

1) You can get a good price and not get ripped off.

2) You can use the Thai love and romance language to talk to the girls.

3) If you learn some Thai sweet words you will be able to make your girl laugh.

4) You can tell her exactly what you want from her. This is especially useful when you are in the bedroom with her.

5) You will gain a deep insight into the Thai language.

Acouple of books I recommend are The English-Thai-Bar-Guide-Phrase-Book & the Romancing-The-Thai-Phrase Book. These two excellent Ebooks will provide all the Thai romantic phrases you will ever need when either having fun with the Thai bar girls in Pattaya or simply getting friendly with a real Thai girl.

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