Friday, 14 November 2014

Looking For Real Thai Girl Relationships In Patpong

Thai love sex & romance ebook phrasebook


A lot of English speaking single males head on over to Thailand in search of a Thai girlfriend each and every year. They all tend to make the same mistakes – they look for love in a bar! These guys simply don’t have a clue about how to go about meeting Thai women & are in need of a good guide.

Thai Bar Girls

There is actually nothing wrong in meeting women in the bars of Pattaya and Bangkok. However, you must realize what kind of women these are. Almost all the Thai girls you are going to meet in the tourist bars of Thailand are prostitutes! They are from the poorer areas of Thailand in particular the northeast. They usually have a husband or a boyfriend back there and a baby or two. Of course they will not reveal any of this to their foreign punters. Bar girls are great especially for single guys who are looking for some no strings attached fun with the girls but please do remember...

1) Bar Girls will say anything in order to get money out of you.

2) Bar girls will say they are single when they are not.

3) Bar girls will steal your money if you let them.

In order to avoid falling for any type of Thai bar girl scam you must remember a few very very simple things.

1) You are a customer.

2) She is a hooker.

3) She is not your girlfriend.

4) You are her punter.

Try to take it any further and you risk being exploited. Thai bar girls are excellent at manipulating single foreign men. Just keep in mind – a bar girl is for short time fun only!

How To Meet Real Thai Women

The best way to hook up with a respectable Thai lady that does not work in the sex industry is by actually living and working in Thailand. However, if you don’t – there are other options open to you

1) Join a dating site. But make sure you vet the girls first.

2) Find a good online chat program and get talking to some. However, do use common sense here.

3) Try looking at the classifieds on Craigslist – though a lot are usually online hookers.

Buy An Ebook And Learn Some Romantic Thai Phrases

Even if you aren’t looking to meet a thai lady for a serious relationship and you simply want to chat to and start romancing the Thai girls you meet in the bar its best to get yourself a decent English Thai romantic phrases book ebook guide. Two of the best English Thai romance & love language phrasebooks on the market today are the English Thai bar guide phrasebook & Romancing the Thai ebook.

These two Thai love and romance ebooks will help you to chat with and get to first base with Thai females whether you are in the bars of Pat pong or simply trying to talk with a Thai female in the local McDonalds.


The best way to get a thai girlfriend is to actually talk to her in her own language. Thai’s love foreigners speaking Thai – and if you learn a few English Thai love sex & romance words and phrases you’ll have the Thai women eating out of the palm of your hand in no time! Check Out Romancing The Thai Love & Romantic Phrases For The Thailand Farang.

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