Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How Best To Use Your English Thai Romantic Phrase Book To Meet Thai Women


If you are a single male heading over to Thailand for a holiday you probably are going to be interested in speaking a little Thai. There are many people that say why should I learn a few English Thai phrases when I'm in Pattaya on vacation. After all, I'm just visiting a bar or two and chatting with a few Thai bar girls – hell I don't need the Thai language to guide me around this place!

The Advantages Of Learning Some Thai Before Your Holiday

Learning how to speak Thai can be a long and arduous task. However, if you happen to be a two week tourist to Thailand then I would advise you to learn a little Thai by investing in a cheap English Thai Phrasebook or ebook.

If you are a single man and you are interested in romancing the Thai girls here you are in luck. There are a few good Thai romantic phrase books on the market. The reason why you should be interested in learning a few sweet words and romance phrases in Thai is simple. Firstly...

1) Learning to say a few cheesy or funny chat up lines in a foreign language is fun. If you doubt what I mean by this – just think back to your language learning school days! Yes, which parts of the language did you learn easily??? The naughty rude words!

2) It's easy to learn the Thai love language via an ebook.

3) The Thai women in Pattaya will love you if you can tell them how beautiful they are in their own language.

4) Your Thailand trip will be 100% more enjoyable – and having a little Thai under your belt will give you the confidence to learn more!

5) When you can speak a little of the local language things start to open up for you. In plain words you are not simply another tourist. Don't be surprised if you get free bees from bar girls or other little treats!

How To put An English Thai Romantic Phrasebook Guide To It's Best Use

If you are in the Land of smiles for a little fun with the opposite sex then these romantic ebooks are gold when romancing the Thai girl. Here is a simple scenario that explains step by step how to go about using one of these guides in order to facilitate fun times with the many Thai females that live all over the kingdom.

1) Grab a copy of the English Thai Bar Guide or Romancing the Thai ebook. Very cheap at the price and will pay dividends in your LOS adventures.

2) Practice the funniest and most pertinent Thai phrases and sweet words. If you need help just spend an evening in a bar in Bangkok or Pattaya and go through your phrases with the local girls.

3) Get on a bus and head for the North east of Thailand. This are is usually called Iisaan.

4) Now head into one of the many Malls KFC joints Or Burger Kings and check out the army of hot Thai ladies that work in these places.

5) Strike up a conversation with one of these really friendly girls and tell her how beautiful she is Romeo!

6) Go back a couple of times to get your face known.

7) Remember that this is a numbers game so you should be doing this across town at the other stalls and food Malls.

8) Don't forget to leave your phone number with each girl.

9) Wait for a barrage of calls.

10) Reel them in and take your pick! If you gets lots of bites you're going to have to schedule your girls for different nights. As the guy from Die hard says “rack em paqck em and stack em”!

Now Time To Pick Your Weapon!

english thai bar guide romance love & sex phrase ebook 
This is the daddy of them all! A 166 page ebook / book that even Thai bar girls endorse! Here is what "Lek Nom" a notorious Bangkok bar girl had to say...

Lek:  Me loooooove the English Thai bar guide loooooong time honey!


Ahh... the new kid on the block for 2014. This ebook boasts of a whopping 317 pages!!! It's been nicknamed the English Thai Bar Guide On Steroids!!!  Here's what a Pattaya addict had to say...

Mr Dick Long: Bravo!!! This book is brilliant three times the pussy pulling power of the original! Highly recommended!!! Guaranteed to even bring out the monger in your local priest!


English Thai romance language phrasebooks & ebooks can be used in many varied ways. In fact a lot of guys use the language they have learned to further enhance their own knowledge of Thai or simply for romancing the many Thai girls here.

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