Sunday, 30 November 2014

8 Tipps für die Single Man kommt nach Thailand zum ersten Zeit

Thailand ist ein faszinierendes Land und viele Männer gerne Urlaub hier jedes Jahr. Einer der Gründe, warum sie dies tun möchten ist einfach - das Land hat viele sehr schöne Frauen. Im Vergleich zu den hässlichen Frauen zu Hause diese Thai Mädchen sind ein Paradies für die meisten Westler und Deutschen. Doch bevor Sie in den Urlaub, um Städte wie Pattaya, Hua Hin und Bangkok gehen Sie dürfen nicht vergessen, dass die Thai-Mädchen, die Sie in den Bars hier treffen werden, sind Prostituierte! Sie sind hier, um Geld zu verdienen! Also hier sind einige Regeln für die Sie über, wenn Sie in Thailand sind zu denken.
1. Thai Bar Girls sind Prostituierte. Das bedeutet, dass Sie Kunde sind. Sie werden alles tun, um mehr Geld aus dir sagen.
2.Try die großen hell erleuchteten Go Go Bars von Pattaya und Bangkok zu vermeiden. Diese Orte kann teuer werden. Statt auf die kleineren weniger überlaufen Bars zu gehen, hier die Preise niedriger sein wird und Mädchen werden mehr glücklich für Ihr Geschäft sein.
3.Try nicht zu zahlen und die Bar in Ordnung, indem Sie Ihre Mädchen aus der Bar, nachdem sie sich für die Nacht geschlossen. Auf diese Weise können Sie vermeiden, die Zahlung der Bar gut.
4. Sobald Sie Ihre bar Mädchen je nachdem wie viel Sie ausgeben möchten nehmen sie weg von Pattaya oder Bangkok. Gehen Sie für einen Urlaub in der günstigeren Nordosten von Thailand. Auf diese Weise werden Sie die hohen Kosten Touristenpreise zu vermeiden.
5. Wenn Sie den Hörer ein thailändisches Mädchen aus einer Bar - versuchen, stellen Sie sicher, dass das Mädchen Sie ist nur dort gearbeitet, eine Woche oder noch besser nur ein paar Tage. Der Grund dafür ist, dass, sobald ein Thai-Mädchen hat in einer Bar für eine lange Zeit arbeitete sie lernt alle Thai-Bar Mädchen Tricks. Mit anderen Worten wird sie zu professionell und gehärtet.
6. Sprechen Sie ein bisschen Thai! Dies ist ein Muss, besonders wenn Sie ein Mädchen, die neu in der Bar ist zu bekommen. Mit anderen Worten: ein Mädchen, das direkt aus dem Land kommen, um in Pattaya oder Bangkok zu arbeiten! Diese Mädchen werden kein Englisch oder Deutsch sprechen.
7. Stellen Sie immer sicher, dass Sie der Chef sind! A lot of Thai Bar Girls können versuchen, und übernehmen eine Beziehung. Wenn Sie erlauben, Ihre Freundin, Sie beherrschen - dann werden Sie große Probleme haben. Vom ersten Tag an ihr sagen, die in Befehl.
8. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Probleme mit Ihrem Mädchen haben sie zurück an die Bar und nutzen Sie ein anderes Mädchen. Denken Sie daran, das ist Ihr Urlaub - und in Thailand der Mann ist die Nummer eins!
Es ist ein mans Welt in Thailand. Allerdings, wenn Sie einen wirklich schönen Urlaub und viel Spaß haben wollen, dann sollten Sie besser lernen, ein paar deutsche Thai Liebe, Romantik und Sex-Sätze, Die Deutsch Thai Stangenführung ein großartiges kleines Taschenformat Buch, das kommt auch in der ebook pdf-Format so dass Sie es auf Ihrem Tablet oder einem anderen mobilen Gerät anzuzeigen. Es soll Ihnen beibringen alle frech und Spaß Deutsch thai romantischen Phrasen, die Sie jemals wissen wollen, beim Urlaub in Thailand! Gute Fahrt!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Simple But Effective Tips For Foreign Men Wanting To Date Thai Girls

Romantic Advenrures With The Beautiful Women Of Thailand

It's recognized western blokes love dating Thai ladies. If you need to have further validation of this one need peek no beyond than the thousands of short term tourists that show up each and every single year in Los. The great majority of arrivals being no less than single farang guys. One of Thailand's prominent secrets has finally emerged and burst forth. Bangkok in Thailand is the host to the nicest females on earth. Still, romancing thai girls can turn out to be a bit complicated for the newcomer to Thailand.
Tips For Farang Males

Learning a little bit on the subject of the Thai way of life can get you brownie points!
As with whichever decision in life utilizing the proper knowledge will let you be successful. Not actually realizing all the ins and outs could possibly create stress and disaster. A common stumbling block lots of farang guys come up against is the thai language. But have no fear first things first! When dating or attempting to date Thai ladies here are a few pointers you simply must heed!

1. Generally be genteel with her and additionally smile lots. It'll put her mind at great ease.

2. Don't try and rush things. It Really Is not just like the west where you grab a gal in a neighborhood bar, buy her drinks and then move straight to go!

3. On a first date she could bring a companion along as a chaperon. It is typical in thai contemporary society.

4. Virtually All Thai females don't smoke or drink, and may well look down on you if you show signs of being an alcohol-dependent man or chain smoker. Best moderate in your behaviours!

5. Don't be over bearing or too boisterous. Thais are very sensitive to this and it even comes across as rude!

6. Don'ttry to get it on with her too quickly. Remember the old saying "he who waits will be rewarded".

7. Keep In Mind That, some but not all thai gals might not believe in casual sex before union.

8. Be considerate and respectful with her mother and father. If you make a mess with them, then that might indicate the finish of your partnership with her.

9. If your Thai female hails from a poor poverty stricken Iisaan back ground, you may well be expected to support her family  with money.

10. Learn some general thai. Spoken Thai can be easier than you think!

11. Don't be straight-forward or sharp. Thai people can't abide or like foreign people who say out loud literally what is on their mind. A good case in point... mentioning that you did not love the food is not a sound idea. Actually use a more tactful methodology. You might want to say, I wasn't able to eat all of the meal for the reason that I'm still stuffed from my lunch.

12. Do not ever show frustration or stress.

If you use the above formula in combination with some Romantic English Thai phrases out of the best selling "Romancing The Thai Ebook" things could really take off in a big way!

English thai love romance & sex phrases ebook

The Thai Love & Romance Language PhraseBook.

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Looking For Real Thai Girl Relationships In Patpong

Thai love sex & romance ebook phrasebook


A lot of English speaking single males head on over to Thailand in search of a Thai girlfriend each and every year. They all tend to make the same mistakes – they look for love in a bar! These guys simply don’t have a clue about how to go about meeting Thai women & are in need of a good guide.

Thai Bar Girls

There is actually nothing wrong in meeting women in the bars of Pattaya and Bangkok. However, you must realize what kind of women these are. Almost all the Thai girls you are going to meet in the tourist bars of Thailand are prostitutes! They are from the poorer areas of Thailand in particular the northeast. They usually have a husband or a boyfriend back there and a baby or two. Of course they will not reveal any of this to their foreign punters. Bar girls are great especially for single guys who are looking for some no strings attached fun with the girls but please do remember...

1) Bar Girls will say anything in order to get money out of you.

2) Bar girls will say they are single when they are not.

3) Bar girls will steal your money if you let them.

In order to avoid falling for any type of Thai bar girl scam you must remember a few very very simple things.

1) You are a customer.

2) She is a hooker.

3) She is not your girlfriend.

4) You are her punter.

Try to take it any further and you risk being exploited. Thai bar girls are excellent at manipulating single foreign men. Just keep in mind – a bar girl is for short time fun only!

How To Meet Real Thai Women

The best way to hook up with a respectable Thai lady that does not work in the sex industry is by actually living and working in Thailand. However, if you don’t – there are other options open to you

1) Join a dating site. But make sure you vet the girls first.

2) Find a good online chat program and get talking to some. However, do use common sense here.

3) Try looking at the classifieds on Craigslist – though a lot are usually online hookers.

Buy An Ebook And Learn Some Romantic Thai Phrases

Even if you aren’t looking to meet a thai lady for a serious relationship and you simply want to chat to and start romancing the Thai girls you meet in the bar its best to get yourself a decent English Thai romantic phrases book ebook guide. Two of the best English Thai romance & love language phrasebooks on the market today are the English Thai bar guide phrasebook & Romancing the Thai ebook.

These two Thai love and romance ebooks will help you to chat with and get to first base with Thai females whether you are in the bars of Pat pong or simply trying to talk with a Thai female in the local McDonalds.


The best way to get a thai girlfriend is to actually talk to her in her own language. Thai’s love foreigners speaking Thai – and if you learn a few English Thai love sex & romance words and phrases you’ll have the Thai women eating out of the palm of your hand in no time! Check Out Romancing The Thai Love & Romantic Phrases For The Thailand Farang.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How Best To Use Your English Thai Romantic Phrase Book To Meet Thai Women


If you are a single male heading over to Thailand for a holiday you probably are going to be interested in speaking a little Thai. There are many people that say why should I learn a few English Thai phrases when I'm in Pattaya on vacation. After all, I'm just visiting a bar or two and chatting with a few Thai bar girls – hell I don't need the Thai language to guide me around this place!

The Advantages Of Learning Some Thai Before Your Holiday

Learning how to speak Thai can be a long and arduous task. However, if you happen to be a two week tourist to Thailand then I would advise you to learn a little Thai by investing in a cheap English Thai Phrasebook or ebook.

If you are a single man and you are interested in romancing the Thai girls here you are in luck. There are a few good Thai romantic phrase books on the market. The reason why you should be interested in learning a few sweet words and romance phrases in Thai is simple. Firstly...

1) Learning to say a few cheesy or funny chat up lines in a foreign language is fun. If you doubt what I mean by this – just think back to your language learning school days! Yes, which parts of the language did you learn easily??? The naughty rude words!

2) It's easy to learn the Thai love language via an ebook.

3) The Thai women in Pattaya will love you if you can tell them how beautiful they are in their own language.

4) Your Thailand trip will be 100% more enjoyable – and having a little Thai under your belt will give you the confidence to learn more!

5) When you can speak a little of the local language things start to open up for you. In plain words you are not simply another tourist. Don't be surprised if you get free bees from bar girls or other little treats!

How To put An English Thai Romantic Phrasebook Guide To It's Best Use

If you are in the Land of smiles for a little fun with the opposite sex then these romantic ebooks are gold when romancing the Thai girl. Here is a simple scenario that explains step by step how to go about using one of these guides in order to facilitate fun times with the many Thai females that live all over the kingdom.

1) Grab a copy of the English Thai Bar Guide or Romancing the Thai ebook. Very cheap at the price and will pay dividends in your LOS adventures.

2) Practice the funniest and most pertinent Thai phrases and sweet words. If you need help just spend an evening in a bar in Bangkok or Pattaya and go through your phrases with the local girls.

3) Get on a bus and head for the North east of Thailand. This are is usually called Iisaan.

4) Now head into one of the many Malls KFC joints Or Burger Kings and check out the army of hot Thai ladies that work in these places.

5) Strike up a conversation with one of these really friendly girls and tell her how beautiful she is Romeo!

6) Go back a couple of times to get your face known.

7) Remember that this is a numbers game so you should be doing this across town at the other stalls and food Malls.

8) Don't forget to leave your phone number with each girl.

9) Wait for a barrage of calls.

10) Reel them in and take your pick! If you gets lots of bites you're going to have to schedule your girls for different nights. As the guy from Die hard says “rack em paqck em and stack em”!

Now Time To Pick Your Weapon!

english thai bar guide romance love & sex phrase ebook 
This is the daddy of them all! A 166 page ebook / book that even Thai bar girls endorse! Here is what "Lek Nom" a notorious Bangkok bar girl had to say...

Lek:  Me loooooove the English Thai bar guide loooooong time honey!


Ahh... the new kid on the block for 2014. This ebook boasts of a whopping 317 pages!!! It's been nicknamed the English Thai Bar Guide On Steroids!!!  Here's what a Pattaya addict had to say...

Mr Dick Long: Bravo!!! This book is brilliant three times the pussy pulling power of the original! Highly recommended!!! Guaranteed to even bring out the monger in your local priest!


English Thai romance language phrasebooks & ebooks can be used in many varied ways. In fact a lot of guys use the language they have learned to further enhance their own knowledge of Thai or simply for romancing the many Thai girls here.