Sunday, 12 October 2014

Romancing The Thai ebook Release Soon!

romancing the thai love sex and romance language phrasebook ebook
The long awaited release of the new Thai Love & Romance Phrasebook is just around the corner. The ebook is currently in its editing stages - but fingers crossed should be released sometime next week! The book is similar to the English Thai bar guide, but unlike that book it goes further. One could say that its the English Thai bar guide on steroids! Romancing the Thai is aimed at...

  1. Guys who are going to Thailand in order to meet Thai bar girls and have no strings attached fun!
  2. The more serious farangs who are after a serious relationship with Thai women.
  3. Those farangs that are interested in learning the love and romantic thai lingo.
  4. Gays and lesbians. This ebook is also suitable for this section of society.
  5. Anyone who simply wants a laugh.
Romancing the Thai is a whopping 317 pages!!! So it's great value for money!

Can I have A Sneaky Peaky Please?

Oh, go on then! Here are some phrases from a few sections. Ps I've not included some of the more raunchier sections(Don't want to upset those Google party poopers!). 

Dave: Your are very tight, that's the way I like it!
         koong kun khap pai noi taa waa pom chop yangngan
Ooy: Don't do it so hard - softly!
        yaa tham reng reng baw baw si
             อย่าทำแรงแรง เบาเบาซิ    
Dave: It feels so great - I think I'm going to shoot my duff!
         man ruusuk dii jang khit waa ja set laew
             มันรู้สึกดีจัง คิดว่าจะเสร็จแล้ว      
Oooh, It's a sizzler!!! So Check it out Romancing the Thai The Thai Love & Romance Ebook!

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