Sunday, 21 September 2014

Coming Soon Thai Romantic Language Guide (Romancing The Thai)

 Psst...New Book Release Coming Soon Next Few Day - Watch This Space!!!

If You liked The English Thai Bar Guide Then You're Going To Love "Romancing The Thai" It's literally the English Thai Bar Guide On Steroids!!! "Romancing The Thai" The Thai Love & Romance Phrasebook differs in quiet a few ways from it's older bird sister book. The most notable differences are as follows...

1) The book is longer an estimated 300 pages!

2) The book caters for those who are seeking casual no strings attached relationships with Thai bar girls - and  the more serious minded men who are seeking REAL LOVE AND ROMANCE & MARRIAGE with Thai women.

3) There are sections that teach you situational language that you can read along with to increase your Thai language fluency.

4) The language is suitable no matter what your sexual orientation might be.

5) More phrases = more vocabulary = more fluency = more fun!

And much more.

So if you liked the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook then you're going to love "Romancing The Thai".

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