Saturday, 10 May 2014

The English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook! Small Talk With Thai Bar Girls

Ever wanted to speak Thai with the Thai bar girls in Pattaya, but didn't know the language? Well the English Thai Bar Guide is a great travel companion for anyone heading to Thailand on their vacation!

What You Learn With This Best Selling Romantic Phrasebook:

*How to introduce yourself to Thai girls
*How to start a little small talk and get a conversation going.
*How to tell a girl all about yourself, where you come from, your job and age etc.
*How to sweet talk your girl and flatter her.
*Bedroom talk, how to get your Thai girl doing the things you want!
*Marriage talk. Okay so you met the love of your life and intend to tie the knot, this book will give you plenty of target words and phrases.
*Money talk. Your girl is getting demanding so you decide to lay down the law a bit.
*Breaking up. You've gotten sick of her and want to move on. No worries we equip you with the right words and sayings!
*And much much more!

This classic best seller has been around for well over ten years now and has literally sold thousands upon thousands of copies to many satisfied customers worldwide! Make sure you don't miss out.

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