Friday, 18 April 2014

The English Thai Bar Guide Romantic Language (Phrasebook)

Learning the Thai language can be fun especially when you have the English Thai bar Guide Phrasebook stuffed in your top pocket.

 Each year countless foreign tourists from all parts of the globe come to visit Thailand for their vacations. Many of them head to the world renowned seaside resort of Pattaya for some sun, sea sand and other naughty nightime activities.

The vast majority of visitors find that by having the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook stuffed in their top pockets communication with bar girls becomes a lot easier and more fun.
This little phrasebook contains the following:

*Basic meetings greetings & introductions

*Sections on breaking the ice, getting to know each other

*Going out.

*Going back to the hotel room

*Sex and fun in the bed


*Safe sex

*Thai vocabulary

*Breaking up section

*And lots more...

It would be easy to just pigeon hole the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook as an powerful aid in which to bed lots of lovely hot native girls in their own land - but over the years this guide has become useful in many other ways too. These include the following...

*Thai girls now use this book in order to facilitate better communications and understandings between them an their customers.

*The book has so many relevant sections in it that it can be used by the more serious gentelmen out there that visit Thailand in search of their soulmates.

*The language and vocabulary is so interesting and diverse that it is a valuable resource for those who are seriously studying the Thai language.

  So you can see from the above that the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook has certainly more to it than it's comic cover.

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