Friday, 18 April 2014

How Davy Boy Discovered The English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook In Pattaya

I've been coming to Thailand for years now, tell you the truth actually forgotten, but it's been a fair few times I can tell ya. Well, you know how it goes, guy goes to Pattaya meets Thai bar girl and falls in love blah di blah. In my case that never happened, you see I was different, I wasn't just some run of the mill beer bellied monster. I'm a youngish bloke 35 if were being honest here, and well, to cut to the chase that all that "I love you loooong time darling" BS don't cut it as far as I'm concerned! I'm going to Thailand for one reason SEX and that's all! You can keep the love and romance for that poncy Mills & Boon crew!

  So here I am sitting in Pattaya at a bar watching the girls on the stage shake their asses around trying to pick out a girl for the night when this hottie comes and dumps her cute ass in a seat next to me. I try the usuall greetings and get blank looks of incomprehension. Jeez, things aint going to well, now I know what you guys are thinking, you aint after the poor girl for her mind are you? Come on be truthful now. Yes, you're correct its what's in her pants I'm after - but she's pretty and I was intending to spend a couple of days with her so I don't wanna be doing crazy mimes all day and night right! Just then I heard roars of laughter coming from the other side of the bar. I looked over and saw an old geezer in his seventies or something with a crowd of giggling bar girls sat on his lap. I'm tellin ya now guys that guy had a smile from cheek to cheek and a bulge the size of Everest in his pants.

  Being a bit curious I decided to head on over to see what all the fuss was about. Cut a long story short I got down and we got chatting. It was then he pulled out this small blue book. He told me he'd bought it a while back and never left home without it. This little book was his key to success with the Thai girls.

The English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook has sections on chatting up girls, romance, sex, and lots more. I asked him how much it cost because I really wanted a copy for myself. He just smiled and passed me the book saying he'll pick up another in the morning. Well, I took my Thai girl home that night and with the guidance of this book I got her to perform some wicked acts lol.

  And that's how I discovered the English Thai Bar Guide for myself. I later put this little gem to work in other naughtier ways which I'll reveal to you guys next time!

The English Thai Bar Guide Romantic Language (Phrasebook)

Learning the Thai language can be fun especially when you have the English Thai bar Guide Phrasebook stuffed in your top pocket.

 Each year countless foreign tourists from all parts of the globe come to visit Thailand for their vacations. Many of them head to the world renowned seaside resort of Pattaya for some sun, sea sand and other naughty nightime activities.

The vast majority of visitors find that by having the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook stuffed in their top pockets communication with bar girls becomes a lot easier and more fun.
This little phrasebook contains the following:

*Basic meetings greetings & introductions

*Sections on breaking the ice, getting to know each other

*Going out.

*Going back to the hotel room

*Sex and fun in the bed


*Safe sex

*Thai vocabulary

*Breaking up section

*And lots more...

It would be easy to just pigeon hole the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook as an powerful aid in which to bed lots of lovely hot native girls in their own land - but over the years this guide has become useful in many other ways too. These include the following...

*Thai girls now use this book in order to facilitate better communications and understandings between them an their customers.

*The book has so many relevant sections in it that it can be used by the more serious gentelmen out there that visit Thailand in search of their soulmates.

*The language and vocabulary is so interesting and diverse that it is a valuable resource for those who are seriously studying the Thai language.

  So you can see from the above that the English Thai Bar Guide Phrasebook has certainly more to it than it's comic cover.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Deutsch Thai Bar Guide Sprachführer Für Barbesucher in Thailand

 Guten Tag, zunächst einmal möchte ich mich vorstellen - ich bin Dave aus London und ich kaufte die englische Bar Thai-Führer ein paar Wochen, bevor ich nach Pattaya. Ich bin ein Gewohnheits Pattaya Süchtigen und ich liebe es gehen zwei oder drei Mal im Jahr, so oft wie ich kann. Ich bin daran interessiert, Thai und obwohl ich ein paar Worte sprechen kann ich nicht, was Sie nennen fließend Thai würde. Ja, ich mag den Bars und den bargirls, die Ausgeh-Tipp für Pattaya und Bangkok und ich die Gesellschaft von einem netten Thai Bar Mädchen immer genießen. Ich sah dieses Buch online und beschlossen, es zu kaufen und versuchen, einige der Phrasen und Vokabeln. Ich war erstaunt! Ich steckte sie in meine Tasche und traf den Bars.

Ich habe im Gespräch mit ganz wenigen Mädchen und ein Recht hatte gut lachen!! Ja, es gibt viele andere Bücher auf dem Markt, aber hey Jungs trauen sie sich nicht lehren, einem von diesem Zeug! Ich erweicht meine Thai Bar Mädchen mit ein paar Freunden chatten up-Linien, und dann nahm ich sie wieder in mein Hotelzimmer, ich sage Ihnen es eine unvergessliche Nacht war! Nach ein paar Tagen meine Thai Bar Mädchen begonnen, ein bisschen anhänglich - und ich hatte genug von ihr hatte, so habe ich die Sätze aus dem Aufbrechen Schnitt - und sie ging Heu presto!

Dieses Buch ist ein Recht, lachen, kann es für echte Beziehungen oder einfach für Leute, die nur gehen, um Pattaya für ein Lachen verwendet werden! Die englische Thai Bar Guide gibt Ihnen alle Sätze und Vokabeln Sie jemals brauchen werden + die Regeln von Abschnitt zu spielen gibt Ihnen einige gute Informationen über Qualität, was zu tun und was nicht zu tun -, so dass Sie alle Fallstricke zu vermeiden.

Wie auch immer, ist die englische Thai Bar Guide ist ein tolles, kleines Reisetasche Thai Phrase Buch, ich kann es nicht genug loben.

Ein Sehr Gut Buch!