Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The English Thai Bar Guide Review

 Small Talk With Thai Bar Girls

Hi first off let me introduce myself – I'm Dave from London and I bought the English Thai Bar Guide a couple of weeks ago before I went to Pattaya. I'm a habitual Pattaya addict and I love going there two or three times a year, as many times as I can. I'm interested in learning Thai and although I can speak a few words I'm not what you would call fluent in Thai. Yes, I do like the bars and the bargirls that hang out in Pattaya and Bangkok and I always enjoy the company of a nice Thai bar girl. I saw this book online and decided to buy it and try out some of the phrases and vocab. I was amazed! I popped it into my top pocket and hit the bars.

I got talking to quite a few girls and had a right good laugh!!!! Yeah there are lots of other books on the market, but hey guys they do not dare teach any of this stuff!!! I softened up my Thai bar girls friends with a few chat up lines and then I took them back to my hotel room, I'm telling you it was a night to remember! After a couple of days my Thai bar girl started to get a bit clingy – and I'd had enough of her, so I used the phrases from the breaking up section – and hay presto she went!

This book is a right laugh, it can be used for genuine relationships or simply for guys who are just going to Pattaya for a laugh! The English Thai Bar Guide gives you all the phrases and vocabulary you'll ever need + the rules to play by section gives you some good quality info on what to do and what not to do – so you avoid any common pitfalls.

Anyways, the English Thai Bar Guide is a great little travellers pocket Thai phrase book, I can't praise it enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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